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SHINY Mould believe good quality is base on good management. We created a special and professional project management system.That is to appoints a Project Engineer to service each individual project and client.The Project Engineer is in charge of the entire project from mold design to shipment.The engineer’s responsibility is to design the mold structure,to track the making schedule,to control the quality. In the recent ten years, we keep to the cooperation spirit as "perfect to limit, never to satisfy, prefer to compete, create and go advance".SHINY Mould combines many years of first-hand experience in the design,manufacture, quality control and robust management systems to meet the challenges and demands of customers.we try to make our production achieve higher level.

'Grade quality, best service' is our promise to all customers, and SHINY staff are dedicated to maintain close customer relationship by providing consistently high quality mould & constantly improving service.

For our customer, we offer you as below:

Ⅰ Moulding Solution:
1. Professional advices in regard of every aspect in molding;
2. Workable suggestions from our qualified mechanics & electronic engineers;

Ⅱ Customer Satisfaction:
1. Mould design drawing for confirmation;
2. Mould tooling schedule before making;
3. Mould pictures and processing reports each 10 days during mould production;
4. Mould trial vedio & sample for checking;
5. Mould testing report and part measuring report;

Ⅲ After-sale Service:
1. Spare parts provided;
2. Mould maintaince reference;
3. Mould quality tracking, accept feedback regularly;
4. Keep customer contact, provide full range of technical and engineering assistance if necessary;
5. Manager customer datebase, provide exclusive service;